We only teach qualified beauty therapists.

Level 1 and 2 £250 plus vat includes kit per person

High Definition precision perfect brows

1. Precision cutting techniques for the brow
2. Traditional brow shaping, measuring methods for all face shapes
3. Application of semi-permanent tint which last 6 weeks
4. Application of semi-permanent powder lasting 24hrs
5. Colour washing the brow
6. Tweezering and waxing if threading is not required
7. Correct usage of powders, wet, dry, balm
8. Threading with antiseptic thread and figure of 8 method, Waxing hot wax only
9. Contraindications
10. After care/sales

Level 3 Colour technicians course £150 +vat includes tint per person

1. Bleaching a brow
2. Pre-pigmentation of a brow
3. Colour washing a brow
Must be level1 and 2 hair or beauty trained to do any of our courses. We do not train anyone who is not a beauty therapist or a hairdresser.

Level 4 Eyebrow extension course £450+vat incl kit per person

1. Designing and creating a brow to level 1 and 2 standard, refresher.
2. Application of individual hairs
3. Homecare and maintenance

Course qualifications needed: Eyelash extensions, eyebrow enhancements, makeup artist, Semi-Permanent makeup.

Training times 10-4pm.

10:00 -11:00 Product Knowledge
11:00 – 12:00 Practice on Dummy
12:00 – 12:30 Lunch
12:30 – 1:30 Practice on Model
1:30 – 4:00 Practice on Model

On Site Training costs

On stight training is availble however we charge an extra £250 to come out and visit a salon. Most professional kits can be shared between 2 people. We have 4 trainers nationwide for on-site training.

Alan Howard academies only level 1 and 2 training
Individual training is charged at £150+VAT per person
Kit cost is £99.00+VAT. Kit includes starter kit not retail stock or testers.
Please call Allan Howard to reserve your spaced

ILAH Academies- Nottingham,Durham and now Glasgow

For all training enquiries please contact us on 0844 0961 877.

Training Dates & Locations

Scotland training is now available in Glasgow, Training will take place on Mondays, for bookings please contact us on the number above.

All training is normally Mondays and Tuesday in all 3 locations.

April Training

Durham Training – level 1+2 Mondays 7,14 & 28 April.  level 4 training Tuesday 1,8,15,21,29 April

Nottingham Training, level 1+2, April 15th and level 4 9th April

Training can also be arranged for London but is dependant on numbers, please contact us for more info

May Training

7th Level1-2 Nottingham 8th Level 4 Nottingham

19th Level 1-2, 20th Level 4 Nottingham, Durham

27th Level4 Nottingham 28th Level 1-2 Nottingham


USA Training May

Seattle 12th 13th May

Maryland 15th 17th May




For bookings please call 0844 0961 877 between the hours 9am-4:30pm, or 07717 487600 after 5pm, you can also email us on

We try to be flexible as we know you are all working during the day.

BUY ILAH Brows at trade on and pay for training online.

We hope to hear from you soon.